Polyphonic Earth

In times that call for us to be physically apart, we would like to propose an alternative view of what it can mean to be together. Nobody is ever alone. We are all part of the ecosystem of the Earth.

  • 1.

    Allow your location to be accessed so light can shine from where you are when emitting a sound. If you would prefer not to, you will view the website as a guest.

  • 2.

    Press enter to interact with other earthly neighbours through sound.

  • 3.

    You can edit the sound emitted by selecting different circles next to the ‘Say Hi’ button.

Each light is an indication of where other people currently on the website are located.

About the project

Polyphonic Earth is a creative project in response to the social distances measures being installed in the world for Covid-19.

Music has been embedded in cultures for as long as people have formed communities. It has become an integral part of social dynamics, and it is used to collect and bond together. During these difficult times where humans are forced into isolation, this project encourages a social interaction that transcends language online. Polyphonic Earth proposes a way to bridge the social gap by connecting spaces and people from across the globe in unity and harmony.

The music and interaction for this piece include sounds that when a button is pressed activates a tone or percussive hit that plays back to all interacting with the website. Each sound is instructed to be in tune with all other sounds so everyone becomes an effortless musician.

Polyphonic Earth was developed by the collective Climate and Cities for the UN open-call for creatives. The source code is available on Github.


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